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Iowa Medicare Part-D

What Is Medicare part D?
You are entitled to Part D if you qualify for Part A and Part B
Are all My drugs & PRESCRIPTIONS covered by Medicare PArt D?

Just like Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D is also sold through private insurance programs. When you become a holder of a Medicare Part D insurance card, you are also included in the federal Medicare system.

The purpose of a Medicare part D plan is to have comprehensive retail prescription drug coverage. Medication can be costly, and in the long run, the cost can add up to be just as expensive as services rendered by your healthcare provider. 

Thanks to the creation of Medicare part D, individuals now have a comprehensive prescription drug option they can add onto their original Medicare policy.

 This policy can be purchased separately, or it can be built in to your Medicare Part C Advantage Plan.Medicare Part D was designed to cover only your prescription drugs. As a Part D policy holder, you will have access to your insurance carriers network of pharmacies.

am i eligible For Iowa Medicare part D?
You are entitled to Part D if you qualify for Part A and Part B
Questions to ask your insurance broker?

Ensuring your insurance provider has a network of retail pharmacies that are convenient and local is of the utmost importance.


When it is time to obtain your drugs you will not have to pay full price. After presenting your Medicare Part D credentials, you will simply pay a copay, or coinsurance, and your insurance provider will cover the rest!

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