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Iowa Medicare Part C

What Is Medicare PArt C?

Medicare Part C is also known as the famous Medicare Advantage. Medicare part C is used by individuals to get Medicare benefits from private insurance companies that have been approved by Medicare. In comparison to Original Medicare A & B, Part C covers everything, plus many additional benefits exclusive only to Part C. As a customer paying your premiums to a Medicare Part C plan, you are technically part of the Medicare program. You are entitled to the same rights and benefits as any other original Medicare qualifying patient.

Am I already enrolled in Iowa medicare part c?
Some Advantage plans also include a drug plan (drugs are not covered by Part A and Part B, and a drug plan needs to be purchased separate
What do I need to have to be enrolled in Medicare PArt C?
You must be enrolled in Parts A and B
What it is covered by Medicare PArt c?
Combines coverage for hospital care, doctor visits, and other medicals services all in one plan (covers everything Part A and Part B cover) plus some additional benefits, such as, routine eye and dental care
what are the extra benefits I get from Medicare Part C?

As a Medicare Advantage customer paying your monthly premiums, you will receive a certain number of benefits that original Medicare doesn’t cover.

The most useful and incredible benefit of a Part C policy is prescription drug coverage. Original Medicare recipients do not receive this glorious benefit. This fact alone makes Medicare Part C incredibly attractive to many individuals.

But wait, there’s more.

Routine dental coverage

This will cover things like checkups every 6 months. Deep cleaning services every year, and other routine dental services.

Routine hearing coverage

 As you age, your hearing will deteriorate. Part C will cover your checkups, and also if you need any hearing aids.

Routine vision coverage

 Many people need vision coverage. Eye examinations and glasses can be quite costly. Part C will cover these costs so you can save money there also.

Fitness benefits

Depending on your coverage, things like exercise classes and other fitness classes may be covered by Part C

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