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“Our mission is to connect our clients with the proper Medicare insurance solutions for their unique situation. Peritia Senior Advisors was founded to advocate for the consumer by putting them in contact with the most appropriate insurance products to protect their assets for life.”

-Brian Thompson

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Important Medicare Dates 

Stay up to date with all the upcoming Medicare changes and enrollment periods.

September 1st 2019

Annual Notice of Change

Private plans are required to send a notice each fall if there will be any changes in cost, coverage, or service area. These changes go into effect January of the coming year.

October 15th 2019

Open Enrollment Period Begins

Generally, you can only make changes to your plan outside of these time periods due to special conditions. For instance moving out of your plan area, leaving an employer group plan, or having
Medicaid coverage.

December 17th 2019

Open Enrollment Period Ends

Any change you make during Fall Open Enrollment will take effect January 1.

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